Change your words. Change your world.

Exactly What to Say 4-Month Virtual Certification and Transformation Program

This event is specially designed for business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs who look to transform their communication, persuasive and influential skills in business, leadership and in their personal lives. 16 hours of the complete Conversational Framework to learn Exactly What to Say to make more of your Conversations Count.


  • Delivery: Online/Virtual via Zoom
  • 2 days of intensive six hour workshops
  • 4 monthly (90-min) Group coaching and Role Play sessions
  • Live skill practice, observation and feedback

Key Topics

  • 4 Cornerstones of Conversational Excellence
  • 3 Ingredients Triangle to building relationships
  • Science and application of 32 Magic Words for influence and impact
  • Role-play scenarios to craft words that win in various business contexts
  • Collaboration opportunities with peers for feedback and learning
  • Structured practice sessions for real-world application


Carlos Garcia


June 6th, 2024

10a-4p (est)