Change your words. Change your world.

Mindy Jones: Real Estate Agent Certification Workshop

Limited to just 16 people

Included in your registration fee:

  • Expert guided program giving deep understanding of the science and application of Magic Words and how to use them with integrity to influence
  • Role play, collaborate and mastermind with other elite professionals and learn from the best in the business to gain a fair advantage in your industry
  • Collaborate with other elite professionals and learn from the best real estate agents in the business
  • Leave with a detailed workbook, resources and hand signed certificate of your experience
  • Professional headshot at the completion of certification with the Exactly What to Say™ Workbook for your social media announcement
  • Exactly What to Say™ certified brand assets and suggestions on how to let the world know about your new certification
  • Light breakfast and boxed lunch for both days of instruction and Participant Happy Hour after the first day of instruction


Mindy Jones

Mindy Jones


29-30 March 2023


Chandler, AZ