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Nail the Sale: Exactly What to Say™ on your discovery calls

Getting more clients in your business happens when you know what to do and say on your discovery calls.

My Nail the Sale event will teach you what you need to know to impact the outcomes of your most important conversations.

If you’re a woman coach or entrepreneur and you’re booking sales conversations but not getting you the results you want, this event is perfect for you!

Inside Nail the Sale: Exactly What to Say™ on Your Discovery Calls I’m sharing everything you need to know to master discovery calls, including:

  • How to invite people to a discovery call
  • How to prepare for the call (including my signature disc call prep worksheet)
  • The MINDSET of the sale – what you need to know so you don’t feel sales-ey
  • Exactly what to do on the call (I’ll walk you through my 9-step process)
  • How to handle objections
  • How to have the money conversation + receive payment on the call
  • What to do when they say “no” – how to follow up after the call
  • PLUS, the ONE SECRET that made the biggest difference in me booking more calls
  • And so much more!

Your people want you to help them make this decision and your job is to be prepared with the skill set you need to guide the call so that both parties end up with their desired outcome. 

If you’re not dialing in on this skill set and mastering your sales conversations, you’re leaving money on the table and lives in the balance.

It’s time to master the art of knowing Exactly What to Say™ and exactly what to do to handle the conversations that will help someone change their life.

It’s time to turn that dreaded, awkward conversation around and find yourself looking forward to your discovery calls, feeling natural and confident, and knowing how to create the outcome you desire!

It’s time to Nail the Sale!!!


Nicole Cramer


January 31 - February 2

12 noon - 1:00pm CT