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Nail the Sale: Exactly What to Say to Reach $100k

Discovery calls are your ticket to FREEDOM in your business – freedom to make sales, freedom to help more people, and freedom to use your words to create the success in your business that you desire!

100k in your business happens when you know exactly what to say in your discovery calls.

My path to my first $100k in my business was enrolling my clients into my 1:1 coaching program through discovery calls. Sales conversations have always been the most critical part of my success because the relationship I’m building with people is the most important part of the process. Between my 7 years of corporate sales experience and my 4 years of being a business owner, I have amassed over SIX MILLION DOLLARS in sales. And ALL of it has been created through sales conversations.

I know how big of a heart you have and I know that relationships are important to you, too. You don’t want to feel sales-ey and pushy, but you DO want more clients. And you want to know how to do it in a way that feels good to you and to the person who’s buying from you.

I want to share my secrets with you so that you can create this success for yourself by making the entire process about relationship building and serving.

As a sales coach, discovery call authority, and Exactly What to Say Certified Guide, I’m going to be sharing with you my signature six-figure discovery call process so that….

You feel confident in knowing what to say at all points in your sales conversations
You know how to prepare for the call, including how to use my brand new never before released discovery call prep sheet!
You have a wash, rinse, repeat 9 step discovery call process to follow
You know exactly what to say to ethically influence the conversation in your favor
You feel good knowing you have a low-pressure way to make sales
You know how to help someone make a decision on the call
You feel confident asking for the business and accepting payment on the call
You have a follow up process that maintains the relationship so that those no’s can eventually turn into yeses!

Call it a discovery call, call it a consultation, call it a sales call, call it a mutual fit call…whatever you call it, you need to have a conversation with your potential client.

Sales are all about relationships. If you’re not building relationships with people, you’re not making sales. When someone is interested in working with you, they want you to help them make that decision. They’re waiting for a LEADER to show up on the call. Your job is to be prepared with the skill set you need to guide the call so that both parties end up with the desired outcome.

If you’re not dialing in on this super important skill set of mastering your sales conversations, you’re leaving money on the table and lives in the balance. Your people want you to help them make this decision and you need to be prepared to handle the conversation and help them do just that.

It’s not about you, it’s about the people you want to serve. Stop making it about you and the way YOU feel. Instead, dedicate yourself to mastering the art of knowing Exactly What to Sayand exactly what to do to handle the conversations that will help someone change their life.

Turn that dreaded awkward conversation around and find yourself looking forward to your discovery calls and nailing it!



19th-21st September 2022