Change your words. Change your world.

Nail the Sale: From Conversations to Clients

Discovery calls are your ticket to FREEDOM in your business.
Freedom to make sales, freedom to help more people, and freedom to use your words to create the success in your business that you desire!

Inside Nail the Sale: From Conversations to Clients I’m sharing everything you need to know to master discovery calls, including:

Mastering Sales Conversations

  • How to invite people to a discovery call
  • Preparing for the call with a signature process
  • Extracting the truth from prospects during the call

Sales Mindset:

  • Overcoming the feeling of being too sales-oriented

Effective Call Process: 

  • A 9-step process for successful sales calls
  • Handling objections during the conversation

Money Conversations: 

  • Initiating and managing discussions about payment during the call

Follow-Up Strategies: 

  • What to do when prospects say “no”
  • Effective follow-up techniques after the call

Plus, a secret technique for increasing call bookings and additional valuable insights.

Call it a discovery call, call it a consultation, call it a sales call, call it a mutual fit call…whatever you call it, you need to have a conversation with your potential client and build a relationship.

Your people want you to help them make this decision and your job is to be prepared with the skill set you need to guide the call so that both parties end up with their desired outcome. If you’re not dialing in on this skill set and mastering your sales conversations, you’re leaving money on the table and lives in the balance.

It’s time to turn that dreaded awkward conversation around and find yourself looking forward to your discovery calls and nailing it!

It’s time to master the art of knowing Exactly What to Say and exactly what to do to handle the conversations that will help someone change their life.

It’s time to change YOUR life.


Nicole Cramer


September 26-28, 2023

4pm - 5pm EST