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Real Estate Distilled | Exactly What to Say™ | The 5 Step Reset for Real Estate Agents

The 5 Step Reset for Real Estate Agents Join Exactly What to Say™ Certified Guide Renee Funk, as she shares the simple 5 step process for Professional Real Estate Agents, Team Leaders and Brokers:
  • Ready to stop the “Grind” & work more efficiently?
  • Ready to gain a new clarity with who you are serving in your real estate business?
Renee shares the critical conversations and Renee’s Real Estate Simple Swaps… for Real Estate Agents, Team Leaders and Brokers to earn more business, work more efficiently, and increase net income in 2023.
What is Real Estate Distilled?

THIRSTY FOR KNOWLEDGE? Distilling Concentrated Real Estate Knowledge — Brokers and agents will gather from around the country to share actionable ideas to increase their take home revenue AND quality of life.

Real Estate Distilled quite literally be distilling the knowledge from real estate peers and extracting actionable tips to increase our business.

Speakers are asked to KILL THE FLUFF from their talks. To truly distill their talks down. We have asked them to focus squarely on revenue producing activities that attendees can replicate when they return to their business. Or even from the hotel room if you are ambitious!


  • 1 Part Industry Experts
  • 2 Parts Networking
  • A Splash of Bourbon Tourism
  • Stirred Over 3 Days
  • Served with Southern Hospitality


Renee Funk


February 28 - March 2, 2023

8:00am - 5:00pm


Mellwood Art Center