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The Peak Leaders Thrive Programme – in partnership with Exactly What to Say

Welcome to The Peak Leaders Thrive Programme (BETA) lead by Leigh Howes and in partnership with Exactly What to Say®; where Leaders embark on a transformative Mastery Journey.

Elevate your leadership prowess, become a Leader of Leaders’ and sculpt a legacy of lasting success.

Embark on a 4 month exhilarating journey of transformation and join like-minded leaders from different parts of the globe committed to mastering their own self-leadership, becoming more coach like in their approach and having first class communication skills for greater and more positive impact and influence.  Empowering the creation of future leaders, building uncharted growth, thriving cultures, and enabling scale without being the main ‘leader’ cog in the wheel.

Included within the programme is a deep dive into the principles and methodology of Exactly What to Say®. This journey into leadership mastery will leave you inspired, invigorated and equipped with new, exciting and practical tools to revolutionise your leadership approach.

This immersive experience intends to go beyond the ordinary, threading its transformative principles throughout your leadership odyssey.

Exactly What to Say® provides you a roadmap to communication and self-mastery. Delve deep into the principles and methodologies that will elevate your conversations to unprecedented heights, giving you the keys to unlock doors of influence and impact.

Discover the art of crafting words that resonate, empower, and transform. Navigate even the most critical conversations with finesse, fostering an environment where difficult conversations and challenges become opportunities for growth and empower you to communicate with purpose, inspiring those around you to rise to new levels of achievement. Your words will soon become a catalyst for positive change.

Challenge conventional thinking and redefine your approach to hiring, leading, and developing future leaders.  Experience a paradigm shift as you master the art of communication, elevate your own self-awareness and pro-actively seek to develop and lead leaders.  Your leadership sphere expands, leaving an indelible mark on those you lead.

It’s not just a programme; it’s your Leadership Revolution – are you ready to lead beyond limits?

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4 months of Leadership Development & Coaching February - June 2024

Weekly Immersive Development & Round Table Sessions