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WEBINAR: Open House You’re Invited – Real Estate Agent Workshop


Ready to unlock the secrets to hosting impactful open houses and elevating your real estate business in 2024? Join Renee Funk for the “OPEN HOUSE YOU’RE INVITED Agent Workshop Series”.

Series 1: Who’s Invited – The Work Before the Work

In Part 1 of this 3 Part Training Series “Who’s Invited?” Renee dives deep into the essential work before the work, with focus on the FIVE Essential Open House Preparation Pillars.

Discover the ‘how to’ on maximizing the exposure for your listings and create a buzz within the community.

Join this important Real Estate Agent Workshop Series, “Who’s Invited,” and take the next step toward differentiating yourself as a Community Ambassador and being a master of pre-open house marketing. Together, we’ll ensure that every Open House becomes more than just an event; your OPEN HOUSE will be a Community Ambassador experience delivering outstanding results, benefiting both the sale of the listing and your success as a Real Estate Pro.

Series 2: At the Party – Day of Open House

Welcome to “At the Party”… the second of a three part training series in the OPEN HOUSE YOU’RE INVITED Agent Workshop Series! Part 2 Training, “At the Party” Real Estate Agents will be guided through:

  • Learning the 4 Visitor Types of Every Open House
  • Exactly What to Say® for Open Houses!
  • How to Elevate the Customer Service Experience
  • The CORE 4+ Marketing Connection Strategy for OPEN HOUSES

Leverage Renee’s CORE 4+ Marketing Gold connection and check-in strategy, and as an Open House Pro, learn Exactly What to Say® with every Guest, while identifying and elevating the critical conversations encountered.

Series 3: Thank You Notes – Bringing it All Together with Connections that LAST

Welcome to the final of 3 trainings in the OPEN HOUSE YOU’RE INVITED Agent Workshop Series, “Thank You Notes.” In this training, we will bring together the valuable insights from previous training and delve into the art of building career lasting connections with your open house attendees.

  • Leverage the knowledge gained in “Who’s Invited” to maximize exposure of the Listing & Open House
  • Utilize strategies discussed in “At the Party” to gain the insight needed to engage and captivate open house visitors
  • Apply the insights from our previous sessions to effectively build quick connections with the four critical open house visitor types.

Join us for this culminating training, where you will be provided with actionable strategies and insights to ensure that your open houses are not just events but experiences that leave a lasting impression on your potential clients. Bringing it All Together with Connections that LAST.


Renee Funk


January 30th, February 13th & February 20th, 2024

10:15am EST