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Weekly Webinar: How To Make Phone Calls To Win More Business

Are you fed up with sending out emails that don’t get answered and wish you could do more business over the phone? Then join us for the next Critical Conversations webinar!

Our next Critical Conversations webinar is an important one for anyone who struggles with meetings over the phone.

Hosted by Certified Guide, Andrea Ferry, this session will show you how to make the most out of every lead and be confident communicating over the phone.

It’s called…

“How To Make Phone Calls To Win More Business

In this exclusive webinar you’ll discover;

  • How to position the conversation to follow the client’s agenda and not your own
  • How to prepare in advance for objections you may need to overcome
  • How to overcome the fear of rejection
  • How role-playing and script practice can increase your confidence
  • How questions lead to conversions, conversations lead to relationships and relationships lead to opportunities

If you want to generate more business easily and make the most of every lead, then perfecting your phone manner with Andrea is the answer.

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Andrea Ferry


7th July 2023

2pm EST