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Weekly Webinar: How To Speak To New Team Members To Create Instant Buy In

Want to learn how to speak to new team members effectively so that you create an instant buy-in? Then join us for the next Critical Conversations webinar!

Hosted by Certified Guide, Kricket Harrison, this session will show you how to master the art of speaking to new team members.

It’s called…

How To Speak To New Team Members To Create Instant Buy-In

In this exclusive webinar you’ll discover;

  • The 3 Keys to Effective Team Leadership: Discover the fundamental principles underpinning successful team leadership, ensuring your team adapts and thrives in times of change.
  • The 3 Keys to Conversations that Connect: Learn the techniques and strategies for meaningful and productive conversations that foster trust, understanding, and collaboration, even in a constantly changing environment.
  • The Magic Words that Yield Results: Uncover the powerful language and phrases that will empower you to influence and motivate your team members, resulting in immediate buy-in, enhanced productivity, and lasting loyalty.

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Kricket Harrison


10th November 2023

2pm EST