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Weekly Webinar: How To Use The Relationship Between Imagery & Conversation To Explore Opportunity

Do you want to use more creativity when communicating with your clients?

Are you tired of following the same old, tired sales strategy? Do you want to train your team to be more innovative with their Critical Conversations? Then join us for the next Critical Conversations webinar!

Hosted by Professional Photographer and Certified Guide, Bryan Welsh, this session will teach you how to elevate yourself to the next level with how you communicate.

It’s called…

“How To Use The Relationship Between Imagery And Conversations To Explore Opportunity”

In this exclusive webinar you’ll discover;

  • How learning to recognize and “See” the unknown can lead to important breakthroughs
  • How to leverage your training so you can rise to any occasion
  • How asking simple questions often leads to understanding and opportunities

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Bryan Welsh


15th December 2023

2pm EST