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Florida, USA
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Jessica Forrester

Certified Guide

Jessica Forrester specializes in short-term rental investments, such as second homes and Airbnbs. Since her clients don’t usually live in these properties, Jessica becomes the ‘go-to’ person for helping owners while they are out of town.

As a psychology major, communication and curiosity have always interested Jessica, and working in real estate has helped her understand just how important communication skills are to forge lasting relationships with her clients.

Exactly What to Say has helped elevate her existing communication skills so that she can provide better service to her customers, and now she wants to share this knowledge with others who want to do the same.

The content at Exactly What to Say has helped her be more curious, ask more questions and slow down instead of rushing through conversations.

You can work with Jessica through workshop groups, one-to-one training, and Certifications.

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