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Florida & Illinois, USA
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Kara Moll

Certified Guide

Kara Moll is a Neuro Performance Master Coach, National Sales Trainer, Speaker, and EWTS Certified Guide based in Chicago. She also spends a lot of time in Tampa, Florida.

Kara is on a mission to help individuals grow their leadership skills and create better communication and team environments at home and work.

She believes that if you want to learn something, you should study it. Because of that, she became a student of neurosciences and neurolinguistic programming, making words and communication a key focal point of her life.

One size doesn’t fit all, but one phrase could fit many depending on the situation, and this is why the Exactly What to Say methodology is so effective.

As a coach, Kara teaches you that if you want to change your actions, then you first need to change your way of thinking.

She’s on a mission to help people make impactful change through better communication.

Exactly What to Say is the beginning framework for some of the most powerful conversations you can ever choose to have. And with Kara’s guidance, you can improve your communication.

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