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Maryland, USA
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Phil Gerdes

Certified Guide

Phil Gerdes understood from a very young age just how important words were, seeing first-hand the power that good communication could have. He has taken this mentality into his adult life and his businesses, which can be seen in his Profitable Persuasion Method.

Although he’s always been a confident communicator, he credits the EWTS methodology as the magic formula that has helped him achieve conversational excellence.

These skills have helped him both professionally and in his personal life, too, and he’s on a mission to play that forward and help his clients reach their goals. Phil gives 100% to the people he works with, and you can work with him through Certification events, one-to-one training, and workshops.

Exactly What to Say means knowing what to say, when to say it, and making the most of every opportunity. Phil shares that message with those looking to make the most of their Critical Conversations.

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