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How To Help People Make Smart Choices

Want to know the secret of guiding someone towards making a decision they feel is a smart choice? It’s a powerful talent that once mastered, will improve your negotiation skills and help you to develop stronger relationships and better connection.

Telling someone what to do is difficult. Especially if you’re the one selling the smart choice.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself using phrases like ‘what I think you should do is…’ only to be met with resistance.

Why did that happen? 

Because no one likes being told what to do. 

It’s a very complex situation, people don’t like being told the answers even if they’re searching for them. 


You’re not the only one. It’s a bit of a riddle. 

So What’s The Secret To Success?

It’s simple really, you need to flip the delivery. 

Instead of saying ‘What I think is….’ try using the magic phrase ‘most people’.

Most people in your situation choose to do X.

Most people who read this blog will try this technique and succeed.

Why Does It Work?

It’s such a powerful sequence of words because when it comes to decision making, human beings are naturally nervous to make choices. 

That nervousness only increases when choices are made in isolation.

There’s Safety In Numbers

It’s encouraging to do something that we’ve seen someone else do first.

People take confidence from the fact that others have made this decision before them, and it worked out just fine.

The ‘I’m Most People’ Effect

A Word Of Warning

Whilst the words will work for many, there will always be those that it doesn’t. For some people, it will have the exact opposite effect.

If 90% of the population is susceptible to the magic words, there is still the 10% that aren’t.

They are likely to hear these words and get put off completely. Conforming with the majority is not a desirable outcome for them. They will actively decide against it for the reason that ‘most people’ chose it.

But that’s ok. You can’t please all of the people all of the time. Focus on the impact you can have and watch the results unfold. 

Give It A Try

So why not give the magic words a try. 

During your next business meeting, if you find yourself wanting to say ‘if I were you I’d…’ 

Simply stop and flip it. 

Try instead: ‘most people in your situation might do this…’ 

See if you have more success. You’ll soon find out those who take comfort from these words. 

And you’ll also know very quickly the ones who do not!

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