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I’m Not Sure If This Blog Is For You, But…

Have you ever wanted to ask something of someone, but stopped because you feared a rejection?

You’re not alone, fear can stop even the boldest. 

Do you want to learn how to ask for something without rejection? Then read this blog to find out…

How To Get What You Want

If you had a sequence of words that could get you what you wanted without the fear of being told no, you’d be able to ask with confidence and clarity.

The key is how you ask for something. Words are powerful and have a great impact.

There’s a magic phrase that’ll help you to get what you want, and it’s so simple. 

I’m Not Sure If It’s For You, But…

If you pre-face the ask with an introduction of an idea to someone with the words: “I’m not sure it’s for you” a couple of things happen. 

Firstly, a little voice in their head that says “Hey, I’ll be the judge of that” and secondly, their curiosity is peaked. They lean in and they want to know more.

This allows you the perfect platform to insert an idea. But the work isn’t done yet, you still need to shift the focus. 

Here’s where you insert the but. 

‘But’ negates everything that was said before it, it’s a powerful tool that you can use to shift focus.

The Power Of Shifting Focus

Have you ever been on the receiving end of feedback from someone? It might have been pre-framed with positive, positive, positive then came a ‘but’,  followed by further information. The only thing you probably remember was the information given after the ‘but.’ 

It shifted the focus to what was next and eradicated what was said before.

If it was a critique, say at work, you likely had your confidence shaken and felt a bit flat.

The good news is that you don’t have to use this to bring anyone down. You want to use the magic words for good not evil.

In the right context, you simply want someone to consider an idea.

How Does This Play Out In The Real World?

I’m not sure it’s for you…

By simply pre-framing your suggestion you have created a scenario where your idea is more likely to be met positively.

I’m Not Sure This Will Work For You, But…

I’m guessing that if you use these magic words more often, in the right circumstance, your ability to ask for the things that you want and get them, will increase.

So why not have a play with it today. Try and use it, take it home with you. Introduce it to your family and friends and see if you can get just one person to consider your idea differently.

Good luck!

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