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Katrina And The Team Becomes The Very First EWTS Certified Company In Canada

Recently, the Exactly What To Say Movement celebrated a first: we welcomed the certification of the first-ever Canadian EWTS team!

Whether you’re new to the movement or have been around for a while, you’ll know that we do things a little differently here. Knowing Exactly What To Say is a life-changing skill on all levels of business – not just at the top.

Vancouver-based realtor Katrina Amurao knew this. She wanted to enrich her organization, Katrina And The Team, with Phil’s unique approaches to flip the script in the world of real estate.

Where It All Began…

Katrina first became aware of Exactly What To Say Founder, Phil M. Jones, after he published his best-selling book Exactly What To Say. It completely changed her approach toward work and revolutionized her communication techniques.

You see, the world of real estate has had a bad reputation in the past. Many agents are encouraged to follow generic scripts when communicating. The emphasis is always on speeding up potential sales. No room for real connections or empathy.

The EWTS movement doesn’t work that way. Its focus is on real, honest communication that creates long-standing relationships between colleagues and clients.

So when Phil brought out Exactly What To Say For Real Estate, Katrina couldn’t believe her luck! She made sure to attend a Curator conference hosted by him. This solidified her trust in the words and training outlined in his book, and it incited her to find ways to pass this enriching knowledge on to her employees.

Exactly How To Empower A Team

Katrina knew that the best way to move her team forward was with world-class training and resources.

So she signed all of her employees up for Phil’s Exactly What to Say Team Certification Event to provide them with the tools to succeed. This was a two-day intensive training program that taught her team everything there is to know about the EWTS community and mindset – delivered by Phil M. Jones himself!

The result?

Katrina noticed a shift in her team’s mindset straightaway. In fact, she told us about one situation where one of her staff was able to seal a deal with one of Phil’s magic word examples after days of negotiation.

She attributes this to Phil’s dedication to growing the team’s confidence during their two-day course.

“He didn’t just say: ‘Here are the deliverables – I’m done.’,” she said. “No, Phil is truly committed to helping us grow and helping us achieve our goal.”

Why Certify With EWTS?

When your entire team is on the same page, the camaraderie and raw power they will possess in the field of communication is unparalleled. And certifying under the EWTS umbrella allows organizations to train and provide the best tools to move forward, attract more people, and sign up new clients.

For Katrina, EWTS-certifying her team opened up a business partnership with Phil – which has in turn created connections with other people from the community, giving her back so much more than she first thought that she’d get.   

The community has enabled her to grow as a leader and share new ideas with her colleagues.

This is just the beginning for Katrina And The Team. She wants her business to be able to sell more houses, whilst remaining authentic and avoiding any overzealous sales sleaze. 

And this is what EWTS is providing. An alternative approach that is focused on people rather than just numbers. 

What The Training Involves

The realtor training event created by Phil was held over 2 days at the Civic Plaza Hotel in Vancouver and was a resounding success.

The first day was used to set the tone and introduce the key principles of Exactly What To Say, with a particular focus on the magic words.

This was followed up with a deep dive approach into all 32 magic words and how you can use them in the right situations at the right time to get more success in your communication.

The main takeaway from the event was the importance of preparing. Doing the work before the work. Her team understood the need to be ready for those critical conversations and they went away feeling better prepared for the future.

Dissecting and evaluating the book as a team was so important. It enabled them to come up with ideas of when to use the techniques and what to say.

They were able to share examples of how past events could have been better if they had had this knowledge.

“It was not only a retreat for the team; it really allowed them to step outside of the day-to-day and dig deep into Phil’s approach,” Katrina stated. “Not just for the business, but for their personal lives, too!”

Who Is EWTS Certification For?

If you’re thinking about EWTS certification then you’re likely already open-minded and imagining all the amazing ways your business can grow.

EWTS certification can help you to achieve those dreams, but it’s not for everyone.

It’s for those individuals truly committed to growing their businesses and impacting the lives of their teams.

It’s for the people who want to become better professionals.

Certification will allow you exclusive access to expert help, advice, and guidance and provides a solid, influential endorsement from a business expert.

The help she has received from Phil and the EWTS community has opened her world to something much bigger.

If you’re interested in hearing more about certifying your team, email us at

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