Arizona, USA

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Mindy Jones

Certified Guide

Mindy is the owner of a real estate company as well as a non-profit that helps families through real estate and community. She believes in the power of a purpose-driven business and being a community builder. With this approach, you can stay relevant to your clients and lead authentically.

She is a huge advocate for working mothers, encouraging and supporting her team to work easily alongside busy family life. Community is her coping mechanism and she’s obsessed with learning how to do new things. One of the most exciting things for Mindy is any opportunity where she can work alongside others to grow and learn together.

Mindy is a dynamic leader and her inclusive business model has resulted in her receiving several accolades including the Women of Chandler award, the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce and BeLocal community leader and women in business awards. She’s also a nine-time Best of our Valley winner in the real estate category.

She loves to share her real estate expertise through workshops and industry talks. You will most likely find her sharing her skills on a stage, in a book, or speaking on her podcast about the things that matter most to her.