The game is played by one or more players, with each player taking turns in a clockwise direction. This game works best with five players or less.


Place both the Scenario Card and Magic Word Card Decks face down in the center of the players.


Turn over four white Magic Word Cards for all players to see.


To start, one player flips a card from the black Scenario Deck and presents the objection to the other players.

  • The player who flipped the card can use their imagination to give context to other team members before the first player responds to the objection. For example: In this scenario are you working with a buyer or seller? How long have you worked with the client? What are the market conditions?


Taking turns, each player must use one of the persuasive Magic Word phrases to address the objection on the Scenario Card. The player should begin their response with the Magic Words at the top of the card and devise a persuasive ending to overcome the objection. For extra help, consider the prompt at the bottom of the card as a response or to spark other creative endings.

  • Players can provide additional information about market trends, highlight a property’s unique features, or offer a customized solution using one or more Magic Word phrases known to the player.
  • Another player may repeat a Magic Word phrase if they get stuck. The goal is to memorize the phrases so you’re prepared when speaking to a client.


After all players have had a turn, flip one new Scenario Card and repeat the process.


A new set of four Magic Word Cards can be dealt once each white card has been used. Play continues as you repeat the process.


At the end of four (or more!) rounds, the team leader or other players should provide constructive feedback on the other players’ performance with suggestions for improvement.


This game is a fun and educational way for real estate professionals to practice their persuasion skills. The cards include examples of objections real estate agents may encounter and responses. While role-playing with others, players move from defending objections to overcoming obstacles and achieving their desired outcome. You’ll learn exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make it count. It is also an engaging way for team leaders to train new agents and refresh existing agents on important real estate topics.

Scenario Cards

Black deck of cards with examples of common objections agents encounter when speaking with clients.

Magic Word Cards

White deck of cards with Magic Word phrases. Overcome objections with these responses to the Scenario Cards.

Scenario Cards

Phrases from Phil M. Jones’ Exactly What to Say. Using these responses will help you hone in on your persuasion skills and practice addressing client needs.