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Simple Swaps: Are You Really Downsizing?

What comes to mind when you use the word downsizing? Do you see it as a positive or an unavoidable compromise?

Putting labels on different scenarios conjures up varying emotions. Labeling a big move as a downsize can send out the wrong message. It can take an exciting new chapter and associate it negatively.

In the world of real estate, the last thing that you want your clients to feel is that their major life decision is a bad move. In this video, Robyn Burdett shares her Simple Swap which focuses on the right language choice when communicating with people during Critical Conversations. 


Robyn Burdett

Winning in Real Estate is notoriously difficult. Being at the top of your game for over 30 years takes a very special formula. Robyn is now dedicated to sharing her success recipe and help others to master their critical conversations to enable long-term, sustainable success.

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