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Simple Swaps: Budget

Words either stifle or accelerate your professional growth, this is particularly true when it comes to a client’s real estate budget.

The words that you use are really important when it comes to real estate and we’ve got 3 really simple swaps that you can use when communicating with your clients.

  1. When identifying a buyer’s budget, ask: ‘what is your ideal price range?’ Instead of ‘what’s your preferred price range?’
  2. Don’t refer to the listing as the cheapest home, describe it as the most affordable, or the best value.
  3. The same is true for a higher-priced listing, it’s not the most expensive, it’s the higher priced, or the highest priced.

EWTS Certified Guide Reneé Funk’s super simple swaps will make critical conversations about budgets so much easier and way more effective.

Renee Funk

Renee Funk

Renee Funk coaches and guides professional real estate agents and real estate team leaders. She focuses on elevating the communications and customer experiences for the buyers, sellers and investors. She loves to share her expertise through workshops on stage and by creating her unique videos.

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