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Simple Swaps: Dealing with spouses

Do you deal with spouses in real estate?

It can be incredibly difficult to juggle two individual wants and needs when looking for the perfect home. The good news is that Renee is back with Renee’s Real Estate Simple Swap for spouses in real estate.

We’ve all heard the saying work-life balance right? But why not try work-life integration instead?

Integration is all about combining one thing with another so that they become whole.

The thing with work-life balance is that it doesn’t really exist. Work-life integration, however, is completely achievable.

Renee Funk

Renee Funk

Renee Funk coaches and guides professional real estate agents and real estate team leaders. She focuses on elevating the communications and customer experiences for the buyers, sellers and investors. She loves to share her expertise through workshops on stage and by creating her unique videos.

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