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Simple Swaps: Is this possible?

How many times have you been faced with someone telling you that something is impossible? It’s a tough situation, especially if you know categorically that it IS possible!

The thing is, most people are a little pessimistic. For fear of failure or loss, they lean towards expecting the worst, rather than hoping for the best. So what can you do when you’re faced with a negative thinker?

Leigh has a really simple swap for these situations, and it all stems from using magic words. When someone says it’s impossible, try countering it with how can we make this possible?

This allows the other person to consider new possibilities, switching the focus away from limitations. It even works for you too. Broaden your mind by asking yourself to consider the alternatives.

Leigh Howes

Leigh Howes

Leigh Howes is a leadership coach, strategist, author and speaker. She guides founders, CEOs and decision-makers at each stage of their business journey to help them get the most out of their business. Leigh absolutely loves to share her knowledge through speaking, writing and workshops.

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