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"Leigh asks you the right questions to make you really think about what you want for both your business and yourself. Everyone needs a Leigh in their corner!"
- Joyce O’Leary, Director, River Bookkeeping
"Leigh encourages you to look at the one place you have power to create change from every time; yourself."
- Sam Lee, Managing Director, Temper Restaurants
"Sometimes you are not aware of what you need until someone takes a moment to shine a light, Leigh does this every time."
- Sally Beckford, Director & Founder, Solutions HR

Leigh Howes

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Leigh Howes is a renowned executive coach, consultant, trainer, author, and speaker on a mission to empower the next generation of leadership.

She is passionate about the person inside the leader, building strong relationships so that she continues to understand and respond to the unique challenges faced by CEOs, entrepreneurs, and executives. Alongside a personal journey with cancer, she has a unique, inspiring perspective on prioritizing what matters most amid a drive for success and performance.

Her coaching approach focuses on fostering a spirit of curiosity by encouraging clients to ask more questions and broaden their perspectives. This leads to more innovative problem-solving and decision-making alongside more meaningful conversations, essential for success in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Providing a confidential but challenging sounding board, Leigh helps leaders balance their drive for performance with what matters most to them; avoiding the sacrifices that can often come with running a business and/or high-stake leadership position.  She is passionate about empowering greater curiosity, self -awareness and communication to enhance a more meaningful conversation, improved relationship, greater impact and more purposeful performance.

Leigh first discovered Phil and Exactly What to Say (EWTS) in 2015 and has worked with him several times since. She is especially honoured to be the first to lead the EWTS movement into the UK. With her warm and unique combination of expertise, empathy, and challenge, Leigh is the ideal partner for leaders who are seeking to improve their performance while empowering their happiness and fulfilment to a new level. She believes that leaders can and should strive for success and personal fulfilment and her work is designed to support this goal.

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Leigh Howes