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The Power of Roleplay in Real Estate

In the dynamic world of Real Estate, mastering the art of communication is so important. As a Certified Guide specializing in training Real Estate teams, I’ve found that incorporating roleplay into training sessions can significantly elevate the effectiveness of conversations. The act of Roleplaying also allows you to solidify the concepts we all know we should practice so that we don’t practice on our clients. You have the safety of being messy with your team before it becomes beautiful with your actual client interactions.

Here are five compelling reasons why every Real Estate team should embrace Roleplay and integrate the “Exactly What to Say®” framework into their practice:


Skill Refinement

Roleplay serves as a practical training ground where team members can refine their communication skills in a safe environment. By simulating real-life scenarios, agents can experiment with different approaches and learn from both successes and setbacks. You can create different scenarios and gamify the approach with the Exactly What to Say® Roleplay cards. This allows the team to also do this as a team building exercise. The more you practice the easier it will become!


Confidence Building

Confidence is key in any sales-oriented profession, and Roleplay is a powerful tool for boosting confidence levels. As agents become more comfortable with the Magic Words provided by Exactly What to Say, they exude greater assurance in their interactions with clients and prospects.

I’d also recommend ensuring that the way the Roleplay is done is confidence building, set clear rules that there is not to be shaming. Ensure that you can easily “ask a friend” or pass the objection to the next person. Be aware of every team member’s personality as well to make sure you are creating the best experience for everyone.



Real estate transactions are diverse, and no two clients are alike. Roleplay enables agents to adapt their communication style to suit the unique needs and preferences of every individual they encounter. This adaptability fosters stronger connections and enhances the overall client experience.


Overcoming Objections

In the competitive real estate market, objections are inevitable. Roleplay equips agents with the skills to effectively address common objections using proven techniques from the Exactly What to Say framework. By mastering the art of objection handling, agents can turn potential roadblocks into opportunities for closing deals.

If you dig into the Exactly What to Say® concepts further, it may be possible to AVOID objections all together. When you understand how to have a conversation with your clients or potential clients you can learn that objections don’t even need to be part of the conversation!

How amazing would that be?


Continuous Improvement

The real estate landscape is constantly evolving, and ongoing training is essential for staying ahead of the curve. Roleplay sessions provide a platform for continuous improvement, allowing teams to refine their communication strategies and stay abreast of industry trends.

By incorporating Roleplay and the Exactly What to Say framework into their training regimen, Real Estate teams can enhance their communication skills, boost confidence, and ultimately achieve greater success in their transactions.

If you have the Exactly What to Say® Roleplay cards here are a few ways you can play with your team:

ONLY use White Cards (Magic Words). Separate them into their colors (the categories) and focus with one package at a time. I’d recommend Rejection Free Openings to start, you can then add Perspective Changers next.

    1. Pass one card to each team member and have each team member try to use this phrase, go around the room. When done, each person passes the card to the left and they go around the room again. Do this 2-3 times for practice.

Put the White, Orange and Black cards on a desk in the middle of the team.

    1. Flip over 1 Orange card
    2. Flip over 3-4 White cards
    3. Flip over a black card
    4. Pair off into groups of 2 or 3. Person A will be the person who is the Client (Orange card is the situation, black card is their objection), Person B&C can help each other and use the White cards to have a conversation.
    5. Take turns swapping roles and cards.
    6. This can be done in front of the entire team or broken off into groups.

Turn over ALL the white cards in one category (for example Rejection Free Openings)

    1. The team will split into groups of 2.
    2. Person A will pick up 5 black cards and be the client.
    3. Flip over the Orange card.
    4. Person B will use all the white cards to roleplay with Person A.
    5. Person B needs to use a minimum of 3 cards, the reason for this is one of our most fundamental Exactly What to Say® framework, which is being curious enough to build empathy.
    6. Reverse and repeat.

Follow me at @melody_wilson for more tips for Roleplay and if you’re looking for custom Roleplay or team training, we can schedule a discovery call!


Melody Wilson

Melody Wilson is a White Label Trainer for real estate teams. With an extensive background in real estate, she also has a huge following on YouTube where she shares her expert knowledge. She is also a qualified EWTS Certified Guide. Melody specializes in helping real estate team leaders through support and training, and her signature style involves hosting 90-minute virtual live training. Working with Melody, you can expect more successful outcomes in all your conversations, whether at work, home, or with your friends.

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