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Simple Swaps: When?

Leigh Howes knows that as a leader you might find yourself in situations where you need to know what the next steps should be in scenarios. What can happen though is that you pass the onus on to other people, how often have you said: ‘Let me know when you’re done?’

Asking this means that you can feel uncomfortable following up with them. You’ve not agreed when the person should be finishing, therefore when do you know when to activate the next steps?

Instead of asking them to tell you, try using the following:

When do you think you might get that done?

How long do you think that might take you?

When is a good time to give you a call next week?

By asking any of these questions, you’re putting yourself back in control of the conversation and you’re gaining permission to follow up at a time that works for them.

Leigh Howes

Leigh Howes

Leigh Howes is a leadership coach, strategist, author and speaker. She guides founders, CEOs and decision-makers at each stage of their business journey to help them get the most out of their business. Leigh absolutely loves to share her knowledge through speaking, writing and workshops.

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