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Simple Swaps: It Doesn’t Work

Leigh Howes is back with another insightful swap – how can you get a client to move from a no to a yes?

You might find that what you’re offering a prospective client is something they’ve already tried, but it didn’t work for them.

In this situation, you might suggest that they try again. This new scenario is different, therefore the outcome might be too. However, the memory of the previous failure can make it really difficult for them to consider trying again. If it’s already failed once, what’s the point?

The problem with asking them to try again is that they’re not necessarily going to buy into your theory.

But there’s a simple way to avoid this outcome, and it comes down to the questions that you ask.

Try asking this instead:

What was your experience last time?

By asking them about what happened last time, you get the opportunity to hear their story in full, providing valuable context that you can then respond to.

Critically, the conversation focuses on finding the best solution that’s going to be right for them.

With the focus where it should be, they’re far more likely to feel understood and confident in moving forward with you.

Leigh Howes

Leigh Howes

Leigh Howes is a leadership coach, strategist, author and speaker. She guides founders, CEOs and decision-makers at each stage of their business journey to help them get the most out of their business. Leigh absolutely loves to share her knowledge through speaking, writing and workshops.

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