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Simple Swaps: Don’t Worry

Have you ever been in a situation where the person that you’re talking to is nervous and uncomfortable? For Robyn Burdett, this can happen frequently, as helping someone buy or sell their home is one of the most stressful and daunting life experiences that most people go through.

When you feel someone’s distress, the natural reaction is to want to ease that discomfort and worry, and Robyn has the perfect advice for these situations. It all comes down to the language and words that you choose. Simple swaps of words and phrases can make all the difference.

The right words can change the whole dynamic of a conversation. A buyer or seller that is nervous about moving forward will need careful, thoughtful words used at just the right time to ease their worry. Your goal should be to leave them feeling happier for the next steps and confident in you.

Watch Robyn’s full video to hear exactly how she reassures her clients with simple changes in language and using magic words.


Robyn Burdett

Winning in Real Estate is notoriously difficult. Being at the top of your game for over 30 years takes a very special formula. Robyn is now dedicated to sharing her success recipe and help others to master their critical conversations to enable long-term, sustainable success.

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