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Indiana, USA

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“Tricia Brouwers is not only the best person I know, she is the best person anyone has ever known. She is so incredible, I named both of my children Tricia and one of them is a boy. Superman actually borrows her cape.”
Steve R
National Speaker and Trainer
“I have attended several of Tricia’s speaking engagements and all I can say is “WOW”! No need for coffee or Red Bull as a stimulant when Tricia is presenting. Her energy level, smart analogies and engaging candor with her audience is nothing short of riveting. What spinach was to Popeye – what hair was to Samson – Tricia Brouwers is to ANYONE needing a personal and professional boost to their lives.”
Tim P
SVP Sales
“Tricia focuses on where she can make an impact. She sets her sights, and her expectations, high. She has the incredible ability to bring even the most reticent into the fold. And, I think it’s because her bravery, along with her wonderful ability to build bridges and bring people together make her a leader that people follow. It’s like she brings light into the room with her positive energy, enthusiasm and warm heart.”
Liz K
Executive Director/NFP

Tricia Brouwers

Certified Guide

Tricia has over 29 years of experience with mortgages, sales, and management, believing that there are no boundaries to where her work could go. She spends most of her time sharing her vast amount of experience on the stage and in workshops with fellow professionals wanting to give their clients the very best service.

Tricia specializes in providing financing to clients ranging from first-time homebuyers to luxury buyers and was named 2016 Sales Manager of the Year at Wintrust and earned The CEO Award of Excellence in 2017.

She’s a firm believer that curiosity will always win and she actively demonstrates this during her talks and workshops. She shares this approach in both her personal and professional life, believing that there are no problems, only situations that she’s preparing to solve.

In addition to all of her success within the industry, she has also been a longtime advocate for autism. Involved with Autism Speaks since its inception in 2005 she served as chairman of the board in Chicago and is currently serving as an advisory board member.