Change your words. Change your world.

Oregon, USA

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Bryan Welsh

Certified Guide

Bryan is a thought leader and keynote speaker who is able to break his audience free of their own self-limiting beliefs through his creativity in empowering them to create entirely new perspectives on what is possible in their pursuits. 

It is no surprise that with a background as a world class professional photographer he is drawn to the power of vivid storytelling. Combining his keen eye for imagery, with the experience and strategic knowledge for what it takes to create real moments of influence, Bryan now serves creatives and non-profit groups to evoke real, meaningful change. 

Sometimes this means maximizing sales or increasing donations, yet often it is simply empowering leaders to find the right words at the right time to drive the right outcomes. 

When Bryan first came across Exactly What to Say, he was immediately captivated by the simplicity of using these words as tools, creating “game changing outcomes” in his conversations. He very intuitively saw the manifold processes that could deepen his work; by stacking more effective conversations with prospective clients he would almost always leave those interactions with enhanced results. 

Bryan describes the opportunity of becoming a certified guide as “a true privilege”. Since he has already “walked the walk” by using these words and concepts to grow his own business and clients’ results, he is thoroughly ready to bring EWTS methodology to the larger world!